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Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Time and Money

Time everybody, every life form have his/her/it own time,until now as I know no one in this world can against the time we just can flow follow the river of time and never can back to the past. I can say ,"Time, don't worry about that, the past like dream, the future like illusion, life just for now, because you can't back to the past. You can plan for future but you don't know what happen in the future."

Money all people rich, poor, young, old, life, dead, every one need money. Money is important thing at human live. We have proverb "Money talk" it mean if we stuck at problem and nothing can solve that you must try use money to solve your problem.

That the picture about two thing most important at human live, maybe we just live just for two of that. Money and Time is one package you can't have just one and lose the other at your live. Because for your physical live that the basic of all, lets said life is very simple we just need time and money. If you have lot of money you can buy people time to do what you want, for example you have money and you want to eat, you don't need wasting your time to cook, just go to resturant buy some food, the chef will use his/her time to cook for you, simple right?
Maybe you asking right now ,"how about if I don't have much money?" It mean you have plenty time to make money, for example you are an employe, maybe an engineer you used your time to learn and get the bachelor degree, and your boss maybe he don't have time to learning like you but he have much money and need engineering, he will hire you and give you salary for your time he used, so simple right?
Maybe you asking again,"what if I don't have time and much money because my salary to low?" The answer is simple you must find the job where you can use your time to make big money, and you must find it your self, every one is different.
That the illustration about live, GOD give the time to us free, we can use for bad or good is depend of us.
Love and Bless be with you
Original by Alexandro

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